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Buildings and monuments, shopping malls and retail chains, corporate foyers and museums; increasingly people expect to be entertained in locations that were traditionally the preserve of purely architectural lighting. In many venues it is no longer sufficient to light a space beautifully, the lighting is now required to be part of an interactive entertainment experience that must stand out against all the competing presentations to which visitors are exposed.

This bridge between architectural and entertainment lighting, which increasingly utilises LED and video technology, has created a new market that is growing rapidly. Our objective is to provide the control tools that this market requires and to continue to develop these tools based on the feedback of users worldwide.


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Be inspired in the Luminous patterns showroom

  Philips Lighting has unveiled its Luminous patterns showroom in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Luminous patterns fuses decorative patterns of dynamic LED light into customisable architectural wall and ceiling panel systems, enabling designers to create innovative new experiences for retail, hospitality, office…more

Multisensory experiences at The Space Centre

The Space Centre is home to the largest multisensory environment in the United Kingdom for people with special needs. Established in Preston, Lancashire in 1993, it now has two large sensory rooms and a third smaller room. The Space Centre’s…more

Introducing the new LPC X and Designer 2.1

Pharos is pleased to announce its powerful revamped LPC X; a comprehensive lighting controller in a new smaller form factor.  The Pharos LPC X has proved a popular solution all over the world for controlling long-running landmark installations with significant…more

latest tips

Tips for Migrating to Designer 2

Deciding to Migrate Designer 2 is a completely new platform from our previous version of Designer and therefore using it requires both hardware and Designer project files to go through a migration process to convert them to the new platform….more

Dynamic White Control

Colour temperature adjustment has previously been possible with Pharos controllers, but there are now further options to customise how the channels interact with each other, as well as support for RGB + Dynamic White fixtures. The default interaction can be…more

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