Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions.

Intelligent lighting is essential to achieving optimal building sustainability and to supporting the wellbeing of every person using a space. Helvar lighting control solutions help to create smart environments built for the future, harnessing data, creating tangible insights, and integrating seamlessly with other systems.

With projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and airports, including the world’s largest airport in Istanbul! Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications.

With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 50 countries.


Pharos Designer controllers can integrate with Helvar Imagine DALI-2 Application Controllers via HelvarNet, and allow both Pharos to Helvar and Helvar to Pharos integration.

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Technical Details

  • IOM: HelvarNet

  • We support a decent set of actions and triggers to allow bidirectional integration, see the IOM documentation for details. In case your integration need is not listed please contact us

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