KUMUX offers an application suite to optimize dynamic human-centric lighting in building interiors. Our programs promote healthy environments for heightened alertness, better performance and enhanced visual comfort.

The KUMUX system has been developed based on the biological impact of natural light and its effects on well-being. The non-visual human response to light is now established science, and it is caused by a combination of spectral characteristics and intensity levels at each time of the day.

KUMUX works with all lighting manufacturers, providing the most suitable lighting settings to replicate the cycle of healthy natural light automatically, customized for the geolocation and the users’ activities in each target space of the building.


Pharos has created an IO Module that allows requests for the best possible intensity and colour temperature data, based on location and space of the building.

The module can be used to control DMX and DALI fixtures accordingly.

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Technical Details

  • IOM: Kumux

  • A subscription to the KUMUX service is required to use the IOModule, contact projects@kumux.io for details

  • The KUMUX technology allows for calculation at emitter level. Currently this is not supported in Pharos, contact us if your project would benefit from this.