Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio, and video applications in the entertainment industry.

Luminex offers a complete range of network switches, and DMX converters, nodes, and splitters. Offering easy to deploy and cutting-edge technology for AV designers and technicians to build complete data distribution systems for events and venues of any size.

Luminex has been pursuing the objective #AVNetworkingMadeEasy since they started their business, and cultivate the vision that the multitude of new technologies offered in the AV world can, and should, be working together without making compromises in a converged network setup.

Luminex keeps challenging the status quo and is driven to bring peace of mind to users with their easy way of supporting AV networks.


Pharos and Luminex both support DMX, ArtNet, RDM and RDM over artnet. This works seamlessly between our systems. Additionally Luminex manufactures Ethernet switches that can be easily configured to support sACN and other lighting specific protocols that Pharos will output.

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