Philips Dynalite

The Dynalite system offers all the powerful integration capabilities you need to bring your next project to life.

Philips Dynalite has empowered smart buildings across the globe for over 35 years with its suite of connected lighting control solutions.

More than just lighting control, the Dynalite system offers all the powerful integration capabilities you need to bring your next project to life.


Pharos has created two IO Modules that enable commands to be sent from Pharos Designer to Dynalite, and for Pharos Designer to react to Dynalite control actions.

For example, Dynalite software and hardware interfaces can trigger dynamic light shows in stadiums, theatres and arenas run by Pharos controllers. Alternatively, the Pharos system can trigger a functional lighting scene via the Dynalite system, in an indoor setting.

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Technical Details

  • IOM: Dynalite DyNET (IP, Dynet 1 or Dynet 2).

  • IOM: Dynalite DyNET (Serial, Dynet ).

  • Both modules support a fixed set of opcodes, see the relevant IO Module documentation for details. If your project requires support for additional opcodes please get in touch with support to explore possibilities.

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