Pragma is a Swiss based company who develop user-oriented operating and control devices in the audio and visual sector.

Pragma’s primary objective in product development is simplicity at all levels; operations – installation – sales. Their close collaboration with audio-visual planners, distributors, integrators and users helps them to deliver optimal performance at all levels and generate added value for all parties involved.


Pragma offers a motorised fader panel, the ‘ARVIGOmoto’, that can seamlessly integrate with Pharos Designer. Adjust your intensities, and when required have your Pharos controller adjust the fader positions to ensure they are always in perfect sync with the lighting.

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Technical Details

  • IOM: Pragma Innovations – ARVIGOmoto

  • Pragma offers other bespoke interfaces that can be used with Pharos Designer to control lighting. Contact us if an integration with one of their other interfaces is required.