Amsterdam Street Colour Project, Netherlands

In the cosy streets and alleys of Reguliersdwarsstraat, a refurbished street lighting system provides entertainment and atmosphere whilst also designed to help reduce nuisance and crime.

Marco de Boer of Primo Exposures was asked to design a system that could dynamically follow the “social situation” with festive and exciting colour schemes but also with bright white security lighting when needed to support law enforcement.

  • In collaboration with residents, businesses, and visitors, Marco de Boer used the principle of Human Centric Lighting (where colour and intensity are considered for psychological and biological wellbeing) to develop the lighting scenes.
  • The antique luminaire housings had completely redesigned interiors with the custom RGBW fixtures developed by Rena Electronica.
  • A Pharos LPC 1 controls the entire site, with a W-DMX wireless connection to each luminaire.
  • Remote access to the controller is available via a SIM card modem so that the lighting can be programmed from any desired location.
  • Different wavelengths of light are vital. Using Pharos Designer software the lighting is programmed for lower visible wavelengths (blue-cold) after closing hours to encourage visitors to leave the area. Colours with a higher wavelengths (red-warm), which are more pleasant and welcoming are chosen during opening hours.
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Photos: © PRIMO EXPOSURES by Marco De Boer