Bobby Moore Bridge, Wembley

Busy underpass linking Wembley station and Wembley stadium transformed from a mundane functional structure into a stunning high resolution lighting canvas for specially commissioned art installations.

  • Each wall has individually controlled multi-LED pixels stacked behind acid etched, toughened, laminated glass.
  • Bands of colour are set at an angle to contrast with the straight lines of the underpass, and transition softly to maintain a welcoming, calming ambience as people make their way to or from the station and stadium.
  • The installation is controlled by a 100-universe version of the versatile Pharos LPC X which can handle the high channel count whilst also independently controlling output to each wall, arch and ceiling for complete artistic flexibility.
  • The LPC X has the DVI in option to allow the installation to mirror on the lighting fixtures the video content playing on screens around the facility. When new designers are commissioned to create new installations, these can easily be uploaded to the controller, keeping the site current and colourful.
  • The project uses SixEye remote management for the Pharos controller, via Architainment’s system integrator portal, enabling site managers to easily and securely manage the installation from any internet connected device anywhere, anytime.

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Project credits: Architainment, Speirs + Major and Light Lab

Photos: © Architainment