Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi

The Bridge of Peace spanning the river Mtkvari is the third project in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi which uses Pharos controllers. The bridge is a graceful and elegant sculpture evocative of a marine animal, and its dynamic, mesmerising illumination is created using only white light.

  • The Bridge of Peace celebrates life and peace; messages are translated into Morse code and represented by rhythmic light travelling across the bridge
  • Sweeping 150m parapet and canopy structure of metal and glass lit with 5300 white LEDs
  • 256 proximity sensors connect to 32 RIO 80s networked via 16 PoE switches to 5 LPC 2s & 4 LPC 1s
  • Scripting simplifies processing of the sensor inputs to determine the response to pedestrian activity
  • RIO controls power relays for canopy fixtures to protect them from extreme summer temperatures
  • Button panel station (BPS) allows local administration to trigger override sequences for special events

Design and programming: Michele de Lucchi, Philippe Martinaud, Marco de Boer.

Photos: © Ivane Goliadze