Illuminate, Science Museum, London

Illuminate is a stunning new conference and event venue above the Science Museum in London. The technical requirements spanned numerous disciplines, for which multiple control systems were specified by Sutton Vane Associates.

  • Pharos manages all the integration and synchronisation via our IO Module software plug-ins
  • A Pharos LPC 2 controls dynamic colour changing lighting – a pixel grid of RGBW LEDs – along with all the playback scheduling and show control elements
  • Static white light is provided by a Xicato system, with fixtures that use Bluetooth for data
  • The Pharos IO Module library includes a Xicato plug-in providing the programmer with an extended trigger set specifically written to interface with a Xicato gateway and allowing the LPC to seamlessly control and integrate with the system
  • An AV system was also required for performances and presentations – via eDMX pass-through the Pharos LPC manages lighting control with event consoles
  • The Pharos Designer project also has an IO Module plug-in for the fire alarm system so when the LPC receives contact closure alerts it triggers the lighting on both systems to an emergency scene and locks out routine triggers from both systems

Photos: © Sutton Vane Associates