Mitchell Domes, Wisconsin

The Domes, Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatories, Milwaukee, revitalised with an ambitious new lighting scheme incorporating son et lumière.

  • The Pharos LPC 2 controls 450 RGB fixtures across the entire roof

  • Programmed within the software and launched on the same timeline, guaranteeing synchronised playback, allowing music to play seamlessly with the lighting effects

  • Spectacular light and sound show for seasonal events, local design students invited to create and programme their own shows to present to audiences

  • Manual override via the third-party touchscreen to select new presentations

  • Simple network for lighting with synchronised playback in an integrated system and all on one project file

  • Design:Marty Peck, Creative Lighting Design & Engineering
  • Programming & Installation:Doug MacDonald, Designlab
  • Photos:© CLDE