Private Residence, Hexham

A new English country home, designed to blend into the landscape with ecological energy use.

  • Newton Architects were successful in a nationally invited competition to produce designs for a large new private house in the countryside (where planning permission is rarely granted)
  • The project won many awards, including RIBA North East Project Architect of the Year, RIBA North East Sustainability Award, RIBA North East Regional Award and RICS Residential Award 2016
  • Pharos was responsible for the sustainable, sensitive LED lighting design
  • There are 286 discrete LED fixtures, and 169m of linear LED, as well as a mirror ball and rotator
  • The project uses three TPC for control, with EXTs and RIOs for further integration
  • The TPC controls not only the zoned lighting throughout the property, but also the 16 custom Lutron blinds

Photos: © Nick Archdale