Rockheim, Norway

Opened in 2010, Rockheim is Norway’s National Museum of Popular Music located at the harbour in Trondheim

  • Huge CK Flex installation by Stockholm Lighting Company controlled by a Pharos LPC X
  • 1860sq metres of façade covered with 13,767 Color Kinetics SLC Nodes
  • The Pharos LPC 90 controls the façade over KiNet, seamlessly managing different pixel resolutions and playing back video and effects on the entire canvas, but also able to overlay to discreet panels and sections
  • Sarian GPS provides remote access, with an on-site PC for local access to the LPC X’s web interface for diagnostics and additional triggering
  • Stockholm Lighting Project Manager Ian Fanning comments, “It’s lots of fun to play with!”

Project credits: Stockholm Lighting Company

Installation: Stockholm Lighting Company

Programming: Ian Fanning

Photos: © Ian Fanning Photos