Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Saks Fifth Avenue New York is one of the world’s most visited department stores. Its annual holiday light show has become a must-see attraction to locals and tourists alike.

  • The 2014/2015 show An Enchanted Experience was combination of projection and hard lighting layered on the same surface into one display
  • Complementing the projection design is 1800 LED nodes, strobes, up-lights, and lit garlands – as both an accent to the projections and also able to “interact” with projected elements
  • Three Pharos LPC 4s were synced with Barco HD projectors driven by a Coolux Pandora’s Box Media Server
  • The LPCs communicated via DMX, ArtNet, SMPTE and MIDI to control all the lighting elements and trigger the other control components in a complete frame-locked synchronised show, including control of a digital audio workstation to trigger playback of the various frame-synced audio tracks
  • In addition to the use of SMPTE, a backup ArtNet triggering system was also implemented to be sure each show was presented in perfect sync
  • The full effect of the show is best seen in video – watch it and read more about Saks Fifth Avenue on our blog

Design: American Christmas Inc.

Photos: © American Christmas Inc.