Sölvesborg Bridge, Sweden

Europe’s longest pedestrian bridge across Sweden’s Solvesborg Bay is beautifully illuminated with colour changing LEDs in a scheme designed not to harm or disturb the local wildlife.

Built in 2012, The Bridge of Light spans nearly half a mile connecting Solvesborg with a new housing district across the bay.

  • To give it a unique night time look, designers from Ljusarkitektur used colour changing luminaires supplied from Lumenpulse.
  • Fixtures are mounted on the outside of the bridge, with a glare shield to hide the light sources.
  • The lighting is controlled by a Pharos LPC 1 and programmed with Pharos Designer for gentle colour change to reflect the season.
  • Scheduled programming also runs to celebrate important days and events, whilst always with a care to avoid disturbing local wildlife
  • Ljusarkitektur wanted to enhance the bridge’s landmark status without affecting or disturbing the local habitats and the design team also illuminated various trees and reeds located along the span of the bridge, to help bring together the structure of the surroundings.

Photos: © Stockholm Lighting