Southwater One Library, Telford

Dubbed Telford’s “flagship community building” by the local authority, Southwater One boasts a new library with architectural and landscape lighting.

  • As part of the development of SW1 Southwater, the council wanted to combine the architectural lighting elements of the SW1 building and the new Travelodge hotel with landscaping elements including specially designed etched totems and tree uplighting
  • LITE used ColorKinetics – ColorGraze RGBW to illuminate the exterior of the facade in various length fittings to suit the three protruding levels of the building
  • Due to the location and distances involved LITE suggested the Low Voltage MaxiPUNCH 102 RGBW luminaries, using adjustable wall bracket mounts to highlight the internal portion of the totems and the recessed variant to uplight the trees
  • A Pharos LPC is located within the plant room of the hotel and is linked to SW1 for seamless co-ordination of the lighting shows
  • The LPC being wired to the network gives the flexibility for the installation to be controlled remotely from any network access around the world.
  • Products: ColorGraze RGBW, MaxiDEPTH 102 DMX RGBW, MaxiPunch 102 DMX RGBW

Photos: © LITE Ltd