St Luke’s Church, Liverpool

Locally known as the Bombed Out Church, St Luke’s Church has undergone a major repair programme, including the addition of eye-catching new façade lighting.

  • Left as a ruin and war memorial following the 1941 Blitz, the church has in recent years become a vibrant community venue and arts space. The restoration works have allowed it to be removed from Historic England’s Heritage at Risk register.
  • The 185-year-old Grade II listed façade refurbishment includes in-ground RGB LEDs to illuminate the gothic architecture.
  • A Pharos LPC 1 controls the new lighting scheme, providing a range of sympathetic white and subtle looks, as well as the option for dramatic colour and dynamic effects to support local events and citywide celebrations.
  • As well as scheduled programming, a 3G installation allows the controller to be triggered remotely by the client.

Project credits: LITE Ltd

Photos: © LITE Ltd