The Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

Situated in the heart of Belgium as one of the prime European examples of Gothic architecture, the Cathedral of Our Lady has had its lighting refurbished with new, sustainable LED lighting.

  • KeyStone Technologies used over 780 lighting fixtures across the entire façade to ensure it’s illuminated from all sides and visible throughout the city
  • The lighting is managed by a Pharos LPC 2 making use of the Art-Net DMX protocols
  • The design scheme includes a number of programmed scenes for different times of day, as well as recurring special calendar events and religious holidays
  • The flexible Pharos system uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow control by the cloud-based Grid Operators City Platform
  • The entire installation helped reduce energy consumption by 40% compared to the old remote flood-lighting
  • The magical transformation is now visible from a 360⁰ view around the cathedral and from great distances

Photos: © KeyStone Technologies