The Living Place, Hamburg

The Living Place is an atmospheric work and living environment for students, developed as part of the University’s campus of Applied Science.

  • The Living Place Hamburg is an intelligent apartment situated on the University campus
  • Lighting has been designed to help cultivate different moods depending on the behaviour and mindset of the residents
  • Different areas and objects have been created to play the part, for example, a small cube will act as a sensitive remote control to control the audio level on the TV or change the lighting scene
  • The bed “knows” if you have had a good or bad nights sleep, and triggers different morning lighting states accordingly
  • Lighting can be used as an automatic alarm clock, slowly increasing in brightness
  • The network-based control system controlling all protocols is via a Pharos LPC 1, talking to both DMX and DALI fixtures to create entire series of lighting scenes that goes across several rooms
  • Great use is made of the Pharos Designer software’s Trigger engine

Photos: © Stockholm Lighting