The National Wallace Monument, Sterling

This iconic structure, immortalising William Wallace’s triumph at The Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 enjoyed a major refurbishment to replace old floodlighting with a new, energy efficient lighting scheme to celebrate the tower’s 150th anniversary.

  • A Pharos LPC is used for dynamic control of the new LED fixtures.

  • To minimise any structural changes to the fabric of the tower, the installation needed to replicate the fixture positions and reuse cabling from the previous scheme including a “Data over Power” solution.

  • Fixtures at the base of the monument were replaced with four clusters of three ColourReach RGBW each.

  • The columns at the rear were replaced with bespoke cages designed to accommodate three ColourReach RGBW as well as providing additional security.

  • Fixtures at the top of the monument were replaced with ColorBlast RGBA, an LED mix designed to ensure a “warm glow” as requested by the client.

  • An eW Blast was used to illuminate the Bronze sculpture of William Wallace located at the corner of the tower.

  • The LPC is kept at the base of the tower along with a 3G remote access router, giving Historic Scotland the huge benefit of remote access so that they can change the lighting at any time for additional holidays or special events.

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