Art project “Untitled (UFO)” displays dramatic effects during inaugural sighting over Gdansk.

  • Project logistics include a 6KW generator, mountain-rescue pilots and a Mi-2 helicopter

  • 7 metre diameter aluminium structure with 3000 RGB LED nodes requiring 18 DMX universes

  • The LPC 20 natively outputs KiNet protocol directly to the fixture power supplies over Ethernet

  • Integrated RS232 interface allows UFO lighting to be remotely controlled via SMS text messaging

  • Solid-state LPC X, installed within the UFO itself, resilient to vibration whilst suspended from the helicopter on sweeping flight paths

  • Installation:Cinimod Studios
  • Concept:Peter Coffin / Cinimod Studios
  • Programming:Dominic Harris
  • Photos:© Peter Turo & Michal Slaga Build