Under, Norway

Partly submerged restaurant in the icy waters of the North Sea off the coast of Lindesnes in Norway. Five metres below the surface, this unique dining experience includes tastefully lit marine views.

  • Pharos LPC2 controls all the outdoor, indoor and underwater lighting
  • LPC outputs to a variety of fixtures over DMX, sACN and DALI protocols
  • Interior ceiling has a grid of 500 iGuzzini LaserBladeXS programmed using the principles of ÅF Lighting’s Liquid Light® concept where lighting harmonises and responds to the natural environment
  • Data is gathered from numerous sensors, including heat from infrared, audio detectors, weather, and sea conditions trigger the effects in the ceiling – all integrated via the Pharos LPC
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After hours installation: ÅF Lighting Norge

Photos: © Tomasz Majewski