West 7th Bridge, Fort Worth

Texas upgrades the West 7th Street Bridge with Multicoloured LED lights

With programmable and reliable LED lights transitioning across the 1000-foot-long bridge, lights illuminate the arches and sidewalks on the outside bridge.

  • One of the most essential refurbishment requests made for the bridge was that the lighting was to be made more prominent and reliable for those travelling across it at night.
  • Replacing metal halide lamps, 168 RGB fixtures provide an energy saving of 70%
  • Allowing the bridge to automate with a variety of effects, a Pharos LPC 2, BPS and PoE are all that control this 1000-foot-long bridge.
  • WLS Lighting used the Pharos web interface, as well as a local WiFi lighting network so that the City of Fort Worth employees can manually control the lights individually and manually override any scene as they desire.
  • Using Pharos Designer software, many shows and effects have been created for daily use, weekends, all Holidays and TCU Football Games.

Photos: © Creation Gulf