Wiess Energy Hall – Museum of Natural Science, Houston

The latest refurbishment of the Wiess Energy Hall in Houston’s Museum of Natural Science has created a comprehensive, interactive and cutting-edge exhibition dedicated to the science and technology of energy.

Christensen Lighting was commissioned to realise the extensive lighting requirements to design layers of lighting for an immersive experience across all the exhibits.

  • The installation includes 1,649 conventional LED fixtures, 6,900 LED nodes, 1,248 feet of animated tape light, 1,040 feet of static tape light and 9 LED moving lights.
  • A 60-universe Pharos LPC X runs animated timelines throughout the exhibition space, outputting both sACN and KiNet protocols.
  • 3 Pharos RIO As interface via SMPTE to sync complex lighting animations with two 4D theatres and a day-to-night interactive video presentation.
  • The Pharos LPC X also relays AV commands to a grandMA2 onPCto control a visitor-interactive moving light show.
  • Fully automated, the Pharos system simply receives an ON command from the AV system at the start of the day and an OFF command at the end of the day.
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