Amstel Hotel, Netherlands

The popular and loved Amstel Hotel, home to celebrities like the Rolling Stones, U2 and Rihanna and many Royals from around the world has undergone a restoration with a complete exterior and roof refurbishments.

  • The process required a grand total of 300 elements, ornaments, and statues that were all renewed.
  • The renovation was carried out by the Leidens Burgy Bouwbedrijf, a modern family company that specializes in rehabilitation work on buildings.
  • Lighting design comes from the Dutch designers Lichtconsult and Hans Wolff & Partners.
  • CLS was responsible for the design and fabrication of the special armatures. Using several customised variants of the well-known REVO series. The fixtures were anodized in a special colour, the mounts were custom-built to the right size, optics with several angular apertures were fitted into 1 fixture and even special DMX electrons were designed for the REVO Micro.
  • All the fixtures are individually controlled by the extensive Pharos LPC 1, RIO D and a TPS controller resulting in true beauty, emphasising the building in a sublime way.
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Photos: © Arjen Veldt Photography