Toffee Factory, Newcastle

Regeneration of a dilapidated industrial site rejuvenated with bursts of vibrant colour.

This historic site is now redeveloped into dynamic, flexible office space for digital and creative businesses in a popular nightlife district where the colourfully lit structures are becoming an evening attraction of their own.

  • Twenty-seven eW Graze Powercore fixtures are surface-mounted at the top of each façade.
  • Sixty-four ColorGraze Powercore fixtures encased in IP-rated housings specially constructed by LITE Ltd uplight the arches, and three ColorReach floodlights are on the chimney.
  • The Pharos LPC 1 produces bold, colour-changing effects to provide a dramatic illumination emphasizing the industrial architecture.
  • With long-life and reliable resources, the entire installation reduces maintenance costs and meets BREEAM sustainability requirements.
  • Read more about the Toffee Factory from Lite Ltd here.

Photos: © Lite Ltd