Amandolier Building, Geneva

Built in 2004, this city centre cubic office is recognised for its elegance and aesthetics. The renovation of the façade lighting by Lighting Design Collective was to combine modernity and visual art.

  • Renovation of façade lighting scheme replacing 340 fluorescent tubes with energy efficient LEDs in a custom RGBW fixture – creating an array of 3,680 pixels.
  • Pharos VLC controls the 40 universes of pixels mapped around all four sides of the building.
  • The versatile VLC streams live DVI-D capture from UNSTATIC software for interactive sequences.
  • From dusk till dawn the VLC triggers scheduled events, with web control hosted by UNSTATIC.
  • Nominated and shortlisted for a 2018 Darc Award as The Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – High Budget. Learn more about the Amandolier Building here.
  • Watch the VIDEO from the Amandolier Building lighting design team.

Photos: © 2018 Groupe SPG-Rytz