First Direct Arena, Leeds

Brightening the night skies of Leeds, First Direct Arena comes alive at night with its new colourful lighting renovation.

  • The multi-purpose arena was voted The Best New Venue in the World in 2014, hosting over 100 events each year
  • The arena is well known for the decorative honeycomb exterior with unique mesh areas that came as a bit of a hurdle to cross for the lighting design team
  • Philips ColourGraze colour-changing LED lighting controlled by a Pharos LPC 1 and LPC 2 to create the ultimate lighting show for Leeds
  • Control can be accessed through any internet-based control interface for ease
  • Resulting in astonishing displays to add to the Leeds skyline, it is known to be the first arena in the UK to use a more fan-based seating arrangement, so that every visitor within the arena gets a perfect view of the centre stage
  • The joint combination of the Pharos controllers and Powercore system enables the arena to adapt lighting scenes to suit any event, with specific links and triggers set off by motion, temperature and music

Photos: © LITE Ltd